Picking the Right Hygrometer for Your Humidor

Undoubtedly, you will never be prouder with your beautiful humidor containing your collection of the best-tasting cigars if it has a reliable digital hygrometer in it. It will also add to your peace of mind that you will never wake up one morning to find out that your cigars are damaged. With the best digital hygrometer for cigar humidor, you can be assured that all your cigars will retain their original taste and quality. This makes it important to study carefully all about a specific hygrometer before buying it.

Hygrometers can be either analogue or digital. When you are choosing a hygrometer basing on efficiency and nothing else, digital hygrometers may be the best way to go. They give more accurate readings and they also show the temperature on the big screen. But there are many brands of digital hygrometers out there. You may have to consider the following before picking one from the rack to avoid buying a substandard product.

Precise Humidity Readings

A hygrometer with inaccurate humidity reading will surely take you out of your good mood. If it does not give you the correct reading and humidity is you will find out that your cigars are dry, brittle, hard, and lacking of its original taste and aroma. Whereas it a hygrometer fails to read a low humidity, your cigars can develop mold, attacked by beetles, and loose its texture.

An ideal hygrometer should always have accurate reading. +1 or -1 can still be alright, but if the reading fluctuates beyond that, you may immediately see the difference on your cigar.

Remote Monitoring

The newest hygrometers allows you to check on your cigars even when you are away from home. This is through free apps that will send you updates on your cigar through alerts on your phone. This feature will truly add to your peace of mind.

Shorter Calibration Time

While most brands are pre-calibrated before you buy it, you still need to calibrate your new hygrometer anew before using it. Calibration should be easy and it may take 24 hours or less before it can be used.

Easy to Read

Hard-to-read hygrometers are inconvenient to use. An ideal brand should allow you to read the humidity level and temperature as easy as can be so that you can close the humidor immediately. It is not good for your cigars if you open your humidor for a longer time.

Long Battery Life

The battery life of a hygrometer should be one of the considerations that you should look into. A wireless hygrometer with a longer battery life is a good option. And if you could find a brand that will alarm you when the battery is nearing its end, you have the perfect hygrometer at hand.