How to play chess

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Many board games are played around the world today, and chess is a popular one. It is a game played by those of many ages. From young kids to the seniors enjoy the stimulation it provides to the mind. If you want to start playing the game or only looking to upgrade your board, you can select from many themes. The dragon keep game model is rather popular and will give a slight change from the standard ones that are seen on the market.


With a history that can be traced Chessback to 7th century India, chess got is current look and powers in Spain during the 15th century. It has only grown since then and now there is a world chess federation that organizes and regulates many championships. There are competitions for women, juniors and of course the world championships. In fact, it was a recognized Olympic sport until very recently.

The goal of the game

Chess is a game of strategy and is similar to a battle being fought on a battlefield. The idea is to reduce the opponents army (pieces) and capture (checkmate) the king. A checkmate refers to when the king of your opponent cannot make a move without being taken down.

How to play

Each player will start with 16 pieces. Each one has its unique powers which must be used wisely in order to take down the others pieces. The most powerful one is the queen, and you can move it in any direction vertically, diagonally forward and backward. The player with the white pieces normally starts first and then the steps will go in turn. Once a piece is moved to a new square, it cannot be changed back.

Timed game

You can also use a timer clock in case you are competing. This close has two dials and two buttons. Once a player makes a move, he presses the button which wills tart the other player’s clock. It is a countdown timer and whoever is in a better position at the end of the timer will win. A player may also retire from the game if he has lost a lot of pieces and defeat becomes imminent.

white ChessConclusion

Chess is a game of intellect and strategy and is favored by strategists and intelligent individuals. You too can start playing and learn the many benefits and fun you can have with this age old game.