Keeping A Healthy Mouth

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A healthy mouth is important. Many people just think that when your mouth is dirty, it causes bad breath and cavities. Many other issues much worse than just cavities will happen if you do not take proper care of your teeth. Some major dental related illnesses and issues include gingivitis and abscess. These can cause serious pain and infection. With gingivitis, your gums become inflamed due to bacteria. This can cause the gums to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth. Not only does this severe cause sensitivity to certain foods and drinks, but it also can make it easier to get cavities.

Brushing Correctly

dental kitOn the first lines of defense, you have in preventing a diseased mouth is brushing. To have a healthy mouth, you must brush at least two times per day. Preferably one should brush after eating each time to prevent bacteria build up on teeth. Not only is the act of brushing important, but the way you Bush is also even more so. When you are brushing, it is important to take your time and get into each crevice of each tooth if you can. Make sure to use circular strokes with your toothbrush. Once your toothbrush looks worn, replace it. A new toothbrush can go a long way in ridding your mouth of the germs that can cause bad breath and cavities.

Why Flossing Is Important

Most people do not think that flossing is important. On the contrary, flossing is important when fighting for a healthy mouth. Food can easily get stuck between teeth, well hidden from a toothbrush. Dental floss enables you to get in between teeth in the spaces your toothbrush cannot reach. It scrapes off all the plaque and builds up that simply brushing cannot do. The best time to floss is before you brush so that you can loosen and remove the plaque and wash it away after. Flossing a few times per day will help to keep all the build up out of your teeth. If you cannot squeeze in that much flossing, be sure to at least floss every night.

Other Ways To Keep A Mouth Healthy

brushThere are so many other products on the market today to help you sustain a healthy mouth. There are pre-rinses that you can use to help loosen plaque or color it to show you where to brush. These are great for children or those who are not so thorough with brushing. The market has a huge amount of mouthwashes that you can use after meals and brush to kill any germs that can lead to dental issues. These products can enable you to keep strong, healthy teeth and gums. A healthy mouth is extremely important. If your mouth becomes diseased, it can spread infection throughout the rest of your GI tract.